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Holzmanufaktur und Vitrinenbau Auer

With more than 120 years of history, Auer has managed to become an international company that, thanks to its enormous know-how, does not stop at any challenge. Customer-oriented design and engineering, BIM, 3D CAD / CAM, digital and networked production, processing of various materials from wood, plastics, metals, fabrics / leather, lighting, security technology, etc., international project management, and much more. are the things that keep us busy  - and that motivate us anew every day.


Because at the end of the day it is our love for our work that drives us.

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Meet our team

Would you also like to be part of our team?

Then apply to for the following positions:

Cabinet Maker for production,
Apprentice cabinet maker for production
Engineer / project manager
Cabinet Maker for assembly 
Sales Engineer

We offer you long-term and diverse development opportunities in our motivated team, which also gives you the time you need to familiarize yourself with and the fullest support in all areas.

Above average salary based on performance, unlimited contract, flexible working hours, discounted lunches, accommodation / apartment available.

We look forward to your applications and a personal interview/ video conference with you.


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