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Master cabinet maker Heinrich Auer sen. rebuilt the company after the Second World War. This happened in the years 1947-1958 on Rennweg in Innsbruck, where he made high-quality interior fittings as a cabinet  and furniture maker.


In 1894 Josef Auer founded the Auer joinery/cabinet shop in Steinach am Brenner. The company focused heavily on joinery work and doors that were sold in the region. The operations were interrupted several times by the events of the First and Second World War.

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After just 10 years, the space available there was already exhausted and Heinrich decided to relocate the company to Hallerstrasse in Innsbruck.

The production hall built there was already very progressively equipped at that time. Good organization, highly qualified employees, modern machinery - and the hard work of each individual have contributed to the gradual growth of our shop.

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During all this time, it has always been our distinguishing feature that we do not let ourselves be put off by challenges. Our pride in our skills and our craft have motivated us to go one step further than others. As a result, Auer also became active in manufacturing of display cases and ship interiors. Working with many different materials, technologies and trades was not a deterrent for us but motivates us anew every day.


After his apprenticeship as a cabinet maker and studying wood technology in Rosenheim (D), Heinrich Auer jun. 1972 joined the family business. With his visions, which focused on continuous improvement and innovation, he took operational processes to the next level. Massive investments in machine infrastructure and the first digitization steps, employee training and market expansion allowed the company to become a leading company in the region.


More than 40 years of hard work have made it possible to turn the Auer joinery into a group of companies. The strategic takeover of Norer Tischlerei in Völs (focus on interior design in the healthcare sector) and the establishment of Messebau Auer (focus on tradeshows) would create an extremely powerful community. This also allowed the gradual internationalization and so projects were realized on almost every continent.


Even today, more than a century after our foundation, our ambition to get a little better every day is still rooted in us. This is reflected in both our processes and the technologies used.

The first computer-controlled milling machines were used as early as 1994. Today, together with our highly qualified employees, we are looking at an infrastructure that is second to none. The most modern milling machines, sanding equipment, vacuum presses and much more allow us to explore the limits of the materials used.


In 2019, Ing.Thomas Auer, BSc BA, joined the company. After his apprenticeship as a cabinet maker, studying wood technology in Biel (CH) as well as business administration, and some years aboard in an international organization in the USA, he began to continue the family tradition.

In the first few years, Heinrich Auer developed a vision for himself that continues to shape the company today:


"Quality is very easy to achieve, you only take the best of everything".


This philosophy is the cornerstone of our actions, and even when it is difficult to meet this requirement in difficult times, we as a family business have always stuck to it.


The continuous change in market requirements, the advancing digitization, the increasing complexity of the increasingly international projects, which Heinrich Auer always saw as an opportunity and not a challenge, are now being pursued and expanded.

Thomas Auer, who now runs the company together with his father Heinrich, would like to promote the continuous development of the group of companies, further internationalize it and get a little better every day - since even if it is only a small step every day, within a short time you have covered a long way.


Through this history, Auer has managed to become an internationally active company that, thanks to its enormous know-how, does not stop at any challenge. Customer-oriented design and engineering, BIM, 3D CAD / CAM, digital and networked production, processing of various materials from wood, plastics, metals, fabrics / leather, lighting, security technology, etc., international project management, and much more. are the things that concern us every day - and that motivate us anew every day.

Because at the end of the day it is our love for our work that drives us.

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